The Joan Didion to Caroline Calloway Pipeline

Andie Ngeleka
1 min readDec 24, 2021

I have never read a word of Joan Didion beyond the occasional quote on a black and white picture of an ashtray on tumblr. She always seemed to be for a certain kind of white woman whose apartment looks like an Airbnb in Joshua Tree. And that is in no way a reflection of Didion herself who seemed to first and foremost be a hater. In that vein here is a shortlist of the unintended consequences of Didion’s legacy:

Cafe Gratitude

White women having an “identity crisis” and briefly moving to Europe

Those tattoos of lines on your fingers

Single line face drawing tattoos


Kristen Stewart’s bisexuality

Baby bangs

Feminist boob mugs

The Red Scare Podcast

The existence Caroline Calloway

The gentrification of ayahuasca

My white girlfriend’s propensity for American Spirits, which she has gracefully passed to me.

Film photography instagram accounts

Regardless of how you feel about all these things, it’s hard to imagine anyone willingly wanting to be responsible for all of them.



Andie Ngeleka

Andie Ngeleka is a lesbian writer, comedian and filmmaker based in Los Angeles.